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We offer the most


German exam

VEITH Zertifikat gives you more value because it analyses your real knowledge of the language under maximum effort and concentration.

We offer the most


German exam

VEITH Zertifikat gives you more value because it analyses your real knowledge of the language under maximum effort and concentration.



the most complete and reliable German language assessment



the German exam that checks your actual level

Ángel Jesús Navarro Marín

Senior Engineer IV&V

Once I reached the B1 level, I decided to certify for curricular reasons. After analyzing various options (parts of the examination, evaluation criteria, duration of the different sections to evaluate) I decided on the VEITH Institut certification exam as I found it to be the most complete.

To pass, not only is a good command of grammar and vocabulary required but one must be fluent in writing, and I thought the oral part really assesses whether the student is able to function in German (by its size and the different tests raised therein).

Without doubt, I think the fact of passing this test assures both the students that their level is that which is certified, and potential employers looking for workers with this level that not only will the person be able to function in German, but they have a very solid base to keep progressing quickly and effectively.

María Lamuedra Garijo

Business owner

The VEITH Institut B2 certification exam is very hard, although the contents covered in the exam correspond totally to what was taught during the classes. It is carried out in two days, for almost 5 hours each day. There is hardly any rest between one test and the next, so you need to have a very secure understanding of the contents, since in this type of test, it is no good using memory. It takes a lot of effort because as you do exams you get tired and that can cause you to make mistakes that you do not usually commit. On the other hand, having so many tests, the student is examined in a very complete way, taking into account a lot of exam formats and not only in large blocks of "written" and "oral". I consider that the level of this test is much higher than the B2 of other methodologies. Without a doubt, there is more grammar, the vocabulary is immense, the texts are more complicated, etc. I am very happy to have submitted to this test.

Claudia Tesoro Calvo


The certificate of German as a foreign language in VEITH Institut is an example of quality for all parties: for the institute itself, for the student examined and the future employer. It offers the guarantee of a level of German, proof of "luck".

As a student examined in various locations including VEITH Institut, I can compare this examination with others in the same field. The VEITH test is a long duration (6 hours), which is certainly proof that the person is capable of living in German-speaking areas.

Each section (reading comprehension, listening, writing and speaking) consists of several parts. In the written part one must not only understand the whole topic but answer multiple choice questions, as in other tests. They are open questions that allow the student to express themselves in their own words, having to expand on the contents in depth. In addition, the grammar is assessed and valued, something that in other centers, is evaluated only in writing. In the VEITH examination there is a part that values this issue globally.

I would emphasize that although this exam includes on average more complex vocabulary than others, thanks to the continuous study of vocabulary during the courses, it is possible to overcome. The wording is of outstanding detail; 250 words on topics of various kinds. It is B1 training of a high level.

After a sizeable written exam, the ability to manage in the oral examination must be optimal. In other exams of other institutions this high level of concentration, of psychic "endurance" is not required because their duration is short.

I now find myself with a signed pre-contract of indefinite duration to work in Germany, and this is all thanks to the professionals working in VEITH Institut. Globalligence, the employment exchange, which cooperates with the institute on the issue of work, finds the offer that best suits the candidate’s situation.

I have received all the help I needed during my time in the center from each professional. Everything that could concern me in my future in Germany.

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