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The objective of the VEITH Method is not that students "pass levels" or "collect certificates", but that they really learn the language with confidence and fluency; that they master it with fluency and grammatical and phonetic perfection. This orientation to success has been the basis for the development of VEITH Zertifikat certification exams, following the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).



VEITH Zertifikat offers German certification exams for A1, A2, B1 and B2 / C levels.


In the case of upper intermediate level B2 and advanced level C, you will take a dual assessment exam; that is, in the same exam we check the knowledge of both levels. Depending on the grade you obtain, we issue you the B2 or C certificate.

Respecting the structure of the VEITH levels, we dispense with a subdivision into C1 and C2, since at such an advanced level it is no longer viable to determine with mathematical exactitude what exact level a candidate may have.


In addition, considering that most of the interested parties will take the certification exam while abroad, it is impossible to reach a C2 level without living in the country where the language in question is spoken, with total immersion.



All VEITH Zertifikat written exams are divided into the following partial tests:


  • reading comprehension,

  • listening comprehension,

  • vocabulary test,

  • grammar test,

  • written assignment.

VEITH Zertifikat's German exams last up to three times longer than at other institutions: for the same fee, you receive much more.







170 min.

177 min.

300 min.

415 min.

Other exams


50-70 min.

60-80 min.

140-160 min.

180-200 min.


Cogent results

Given that in recent years an alarming worsening of grammatical knowledge was noted, an important section of VEITH Zertifikat's global evaluation is focused on correct grammatical use and a broad and consolidated lexicon.

For this reason, an extensive test with grammar exercises of written answers and a 40-word vocabulary test have been integrated into VEITH Zertifikat written exams.

Several field studies have shown that lexical knowledge is, in general, well below the minimum corpus required. When we include a vocabulary test within the exam, the candidates are obliged to review the words and, in this way, VEITH Zertifikat usually gets much more cogent results than in any of the competition’s exams.


Measurement of authentic competences

A frequent shortfall in conventional language certificates is the fact that a large part of the questions in these exams (up to 60%) must be answered with multiple choice, which makes it probable - with a bit of luck - to obtain the certificates by guessing, even without having any knowledge of the language; that is, the possible misrepresentation of the result prevents a true evaluation of the level of the candidate.


VEITH Zertifikat, on the contrary, reduces the exercises to be filled to the minimum with a simple "X" and substitutes multiple choice questions for questions to which the candidates must respond, in their own words, with whole sentences in German - the only way to measure the authentic competence of writing and understanding of German.



The oral examination of VEITH Zertifikat varies according to the linguistic level, but may contain the following parts:

  • direct conversation with the examiner,

  • spontaneous conversational situations,

  • presentations with prior preparation.


All official language certificates currently provided around the world focus on written production and comprehension; The oral exam is done in just 15 minutes. In addition, it must be done in conjunction with a second candidate, which reduces the time per candidate to only 7-8 minutes (of course, this is mainly due to savings in staff costs in respect to examiners).

VEITH Zertifikat starts from the assumption that in such a short time interval, it is not possible to evaluate a person's level in a serious and effective way. Therefore, according to the rigorous teaching system of the VEITH Method, the duration of our oral exam is not 7-8 minutes, but up to 40 minutes per candidate in the advanced B2 / C levels. Only in such an extensive and in-depth analysis can the true level of the candidate be assessed.

Within the rigorous teaching system of the VEITH Method, the duration of the oral exam is 40 minutes per candidate in levels B1, B2 and C.


In order to obtain maximum reliability ratings, the evaluations of the different tests are each composed of up to 30 standardized and strictly quantitative criteria, minimizing the possible influence of subjective appraisals of the evaluator, which converts the educational evaluation of VEITH Zertifikat into the most complete, fairest and most objective today.

Weight of each test

While the other certifying institutions usually maintain the weight of each test at different levels, VEITH Zertifikat is more oriented to the natural evolution of the candidate: Due to the limited linguistic tools available to express themselves at the beginning of language learning, can give a lot of weight to oral expression in A1 or A2 exams. However, progressing in the course, the competence and the ability to speak the language are increasingly strengthened, and, therefore, the weight of the oral examination must be gradually increased from level to level, of 30% of the total mark in the level A1 and A2, through 40% in level B1, until reaching 50% in levels B2 and C, giving, in this way, the same value to both written and oral competence.

In relation to the weight of the parts of the written exam, VEITH Zertifikat considers that the weight of the grammatical test and of the writing (together 30% in B2 / C) must be higher than the weight of reading and listening comprehension (together 15% in B2 / C), since the passive skills are almost always considerably higher than the active ones and, therefore, help to distort the result; In other words, if we give the same weight to passive as to active skills, the final result of the exam is probably higher than the student's actual level.

Orientation to success

In its language courses, the VEITH Method’s philosophy of excellence provides that a student who does not pass the final exam of a course will not be able to continue advancing until it has been passed. Although an exam is not the only parameter to measure the performance of a student, a controlled follow-up is necessary to maintain the rhythm and level of the class.

Similarly, in order to maintain the high demand and reputation of our German certificate, in VEITH Zertifikt we set out that if a candidate does not pass a certification exam, he will have the opportunity to repeat it once: the objective of the VEITH method is not that students "pass levels" or "collect certificates", but that they really learn the language with confidence and fluency; that they master it with fluency and grammatical and phonetic perfection.

To ensure the highest quality of VEITH Zertifikat, with the increasing complexity of the exams, the minimum passing grade also increases, from 60% in the A1 and A2 levels, through 65% in the B1 level to 70% in the B2 and C levels.

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