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What is VEITH Zertifikat?

Today’s most complete and reliable linguistic evaluation

VEITH Zertifikat is a German language certificate for A1, A2, B1, B2 and C language levels. It analyzes the knowledge of the candidates based on the most demanding and extensive certification exam and the current most complex, detailed and objective evaluation system.


VEITH Zertifikat is developed by VEITH R + D Agency, a research and development agency belonging to the VEITH Group, a group of educational, cultural and commercial institutions that develops and promotes innovative didactic and sociocultural integration programs.

VEITH Zertifikat and its ideology are based on the revolutionary VEITH Method of rapid, logical-systematic and highly effective learning, created in its entirety by the German researcher, thinker and educational visionary Dr. Daniel Veith.

VEITH Zertifikat has been created in conjunction with VEITH courses in German and English specifically for Spanish speakers, which makes the VEITH Institut academies, where the courses are taught, the only educational centers that issue their own language certificate 100% related to their teaching method and school program.


What makes VEITH Zertifikat different?

12 official exam dates per year


We are the only German certification center with monthly exam dates without the need for a minimum number of candidates.

Exclusivity, flexibility and speed

We offer the option of taking the exam individually on any date and time outside the official calendar, with the additional option of a quick correction within 72 hours (the latter depending on availability of our certification office).

Very competitive price

Considering that our B2 / C exam lasts 415 minutes (almost 7 hours), while those of the competition do not exceed 200 minutes, and that our inclusive prices are less than others, we are 2 to 3 times more economical than any other official German certificate, for the amount of time we spend to evaluate you.

Validation of the VEITH Institut exams

To further lower the cost, if you have been a student of VEITH Institut, you have the opportunity to validate your level exams to obtain an official German exam; that is, your effort studying German with the VEITH Method will have double rewards.

100% customized preparation courses

The German exam preparation courses are personalised in order to design a course program focused entirely on your needs and get the most out of your intensive preparation for the German certificate.

Emphasis on the correct handling of grammar

VEITH Zertifikat focuses on checking the correct use of grammar rules and the application of the vocabulary corpus corresponding to each level of German in order to counteract the generalized worsening of linguistic knowledge due to the "communicative method" and its devaluation of the competent management of a language.

Maximum reliability in the written exam

As multiple-choice tests are not very reliable, we give preference to the answers of whole sentences, so as not to misrepresent the result and give you an evaluation of your knowledge as close to reality. In addition, the weight of each part of the exam changes according to the gradual increase of your linguistic abilities, highlighting above all the checking of active skills (speaking, writing) that are normally more difficult to achieve than passive ones (listening, reading).

Maximum involvement in the oral examination

In a conventional examination, the oral test does not exceed a duration of 7-8 minutes; In VEITH Zertifikat, the oral exam lasts 40 minutes per candidate in the German advanced levels. Only with such an extensive and deep analysis can you assess your true level and test your fluency in the language.

Maximum precision in the evaluation

To obtain high accuracy ratings, the evaluations each consist of up to 30 standardized and strictly quantitative criteria, minimizing the possible influence of subjective appraisals of the evaluator, which makes the evaluation of VEITH Zertifikat the most complete, fairest. and most objective today.

​Quality monitoring in real time

All of VEITH Zertifikat's examination and certification processes - especially the evaluation phase - are under the permanent supervision of VEITH Classroom, the independent Quality Assessment department, to avoid possible "corruption" of the final result and to guarantee a high standard of compliance to VEITH Zertifikat guidelines.


Why VEITH Zertifikat?

OBJECTIVE: Analysis of the true linguistic level

VEITH Zertifikat has been established with the objective of minimizing the discrepancy that is usually noted between the level indicated in the language certificates offered on the market and the true level of the candidate.


During the most difficult years of the crisis in Spain, when VEITH Group was heavily involved in the accelerated teaching of German so that those Spaniards in the desperate situation of emigrating abroad to seek employment could quickly and successfully integrate into the labour market and social environment of the destination country, we have heard of large numbers of emigrants who had already gone to Germany, Austria or Switzerland with a job offer in hand, but soon returned, because the German companies felt misled, as the new employees did not have the level indicated on their certificates.

This was the main reason for designing VEITH Zertifikat, whose tests, characteristics, distribution and weight of each evaluation are based on 15 years of experience in teaching and evaluating foreign languages and which support the vision of contributing to a substantial improvement of the validity and reliability of current examinations, with the intention of eliminating all possible sources of errors that can cause the result of the examination of linguistic reality to deviate.

AREAS OF USE AND CANDIDATES: Examination for the intellectual elite of the future

The VEITH Zertifikat exams have been optimized for candidates from 16 years of age. Due to the origin of the university exams (its first formal application was made in the German classes of Dr. Daniel Veith during his professorship at the University of Salamanca), they are especially suitable for implementation in universities and with students who have an academic education; For example, 90% of VEITH Zertifikat candidates at VEITH Institut Language Schools are university students or graduates. However, we have also had a large number of successful examinees without higher education.

Due to its practical orientation and its focus on the correct use of the language at the oral level, paying special attention to the competent application of grammar rules, VEITH Zertifikat exams are especially recommended for school or university students who wish to make an exchange or an ERASMUS stay abroad, for visiting professors or researchers and for any other professional pursuing a job offer in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

QUALITY: Real-time quality control

The great competitive advantage of VEITH Zertifikat over other certificates is the quality control in real time through the Quality Assessment department VEITH Classroom, with no option of possible corruptions that are often suffered by other certification institutions.

As many of them do not employ a centralized correction system and the evaluators - even if they are licensed by the institutions - are ultimately independent people, outside the operations center, cases of bribery and corruption to pass certain students or even entire groups cannot be prevented. For example, we know of a case of a private academy in Alicante (Spain) that operated as the official center of one of the German certificates and that has passed all its students in B2 level after only 2 months of classes, in order to send them to Germany and collect a grant from the German government.

In VEITH Zertifikat, written exams are reviewed centrally at the operations center in Madrid, and oral examinations are not done through external examiners, but with their own employees and collaborators, so a possible "corruption" of the final grade is impossible.

In addition, the quality of the correctors and examiners and their faithful compliance with the VEITH Zertifikat guidelines is evaluated and checked continuously, with second revisions of the already corrected exams and random participations in the oral examinations, by independent supervisors of VEITH Classroom.

RECOGNITION: German certificates recognized and recommended in several countries

Unlike other languages, for German there are no "official" certificates, recognized by each of the different Ministries of Education of the 16 federal states of Germany. The acceptance of a German certificate depends on its reputation or on agreements between the entity that issues it and the entity that approves it. ​


Given the high quality and demand of our exams, VEITH Zertifikat is recognized by numerous institutions, companies and entities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. We are recommended by, among others, the Federal Employment Agency of Germany and the Swiss Red Cross; In addition, several candidates have opted for VEITH Zertifikat for their presentation in administrative procedures of the German Embassy in Spain.

At the academic level, we are recognized by the Complutense University of Madrid and its Department of German Philology. In addition, our courses and language certificates can be converted into free configuration credits for any other course at this university. Similarly, we are recognized in Spain by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers or in Germany by the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) and the Technical University of Aachen (Technische Universität Aachen).

VEITH Zertifikat is the only language certificate recognized by Globalligence, the international human resources agency of VEITH Group, and all the German companies, hospitals and official entities that cooperate with Globalligence in their employment pool for Spanish and Latin American professionals.

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